Coffice Bogotá: the 5 top cafés to study & work

Inside of a coffice in Bogotá

If you are in Bogotá and you want to find a nice café where you can study, work, read, have a meeting, or just chill out with friends, then this article is definitely for you. All of these cafés (or coffices) offer excellent spaces with a great atmosphere where you can drink a good cup of coffee or tea while you do whatever you need.


Inside Café devoción in Bogotá
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Café Devoción is one of the best places to drink a delicious cup of coffee and study, work, or have a business meeting. The name “Devoción” isn’t just a pretty name of the brand, it also represents the devotion of the founders to bring harmony to Colombia, as well as the best, freshest coffee in the world to their clients.  This café is really cozy, has a nice, calm, and relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot when you need to concentrate but also is good for chilling out with your friends. It has an excellent WiFi connection (See: All You Need to Know about How to Get a SIM Card in Bogotá) and the coffee is prepared using various methods (French press, dripper, V60, etc.) by some of the country’s top baristas.


San Alberto

Café San Alberto in Bogotá
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San Alberto coffee is the most award-winning single estate Colombian coffee; a coffee temple designed for coffee lovers (See: Colombian Coffee: What is on the Menu at a Typical Café). This place seems to be a time machine by returning its customers to those years where coffee preparation was a science, not that mechanical and boring process of placing a capsule in a device and just pressing a button. This café is really beautiful and comfortable. It has wood interiors, very comfortable leather sofas, walls of different plants, and music with a very relaxed, chill-out vibe. It’s perfect if you want to have a deep conversation, business meeting, study, or just work.


  • Calle 117 #6A-47
  • Museo del Oro “Gold Museum” Carrera 6 #15-2
  • Monday- Sunday: 9 am-8 pm
  • Approximate prices: from $1.50 USD- $6 USD

Juan Valdez Café Origenes

Juan Valdez Orígenes in Bogotá
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The Juan Valdez icon is the world’s ambassador for all the Colombian coffee growers and their traditions. In Colombia, you can find a Juan Valdez store (See: The 5 Best Places to Drink Colombian Coffee in Bogotá!) almost everywhere. However, they created a special store just for those who want to study, work, read a book, chill out, or drink a cup of coffee, all in one place, called “Juan Valdez Origenes.” This café has 3 levels: the first has a wooden interior with garden touches. The second floor is for those who are looking for a place to work. It has a good Wifi connection, big tables, and private rooms. The third floor is the perfect spot for relaxing and reading a book with a good cup of coffee. It has comfy chairs and sofas that create a low-key atmosphere.


  • Calle 70A #6-09
  • Monday-Friday: 6:30 am-8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am- 6:00 pm
  • Approximate prices: from $1.50 USD- $4 USD


Inside of Varietale café in Bogotá
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Varietale, a beautiful café with white and aquamarine colors, located in the downtown area of the city, is an amazing place to hang out with friends, study, and work. This place offers some of the best coffees in the country that have been sampled by expert tasters. All coffees are roasted in the store and they have 9 different filtering methods. Besides coffee, they offer a variety of delicious teas and beers. It’s a great, cozy, relaxed, and pretty place with different spaces within it that will allow you to find your perfect spot. Also, it has an excellent WiFi connection.


Abadía Café

Iniside of Abadía Café in Bogotá
© Photograph via instagram by abadiacafe

Abadía is a small, but cozy and comfy place where you feel like you’re in your living room. They offer different types of table games (for free) and they have some books that you can read there or keep as long as you leave another book in its place. Here, you can drink delicious coffee and tea, you can smoke narguile (hookah), have a meeting, chill out with friends, work, or just study. Personally, I find this place amazing, quiet, relaxed, the WiFi is really good, and the schedule is perfect because during the week, they close at 10 pm .


Usually when I have a meeting or when I have to study and I don’t want to do it in my house, I look for a cozy and comfy coffice where I can drink a delicious cup of coffee or tea with excellent WiFi. These kind of spots are perfect to see how is our culture and maybe meet new people. If you want to discover more drinks beyond coffee there are a lot of typical drinks that you could try (See: Typical Colombian Drinks in Bogotá & Their Recipes and Typical Colombian Alcoholic Drinks in Bogotá & their Recipes).

Thank you for reading and remember to comment below if you go to any of these amazing cafés, your experience. and what you liked the most. Let us know if you recommend any other incredible cafés to study & work at in Bogotá. Continue exploring our amazing city and follow us on Facebook & Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter.

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