Five reasons you should enjoy a beer tasting in Bogotá


If you are thinking of coming to Bogotá, let me tell you why you should try all of the different kinds of beers here.  So, continue reading this article carefully and follow my recommendations to enjoy a super beer tasting in Bogotá.

For many years, Colombia has been a beer country with many important brands, flavors, and creative names on its shelves. However, not only does Bogotá offer international, local brands, or craft-beers, but also a totally great experience to beer lovers. So, if you are a real beer lover and you are looking for a drink on your next trip to Bogotá, let me tell you 5 incredible reasons why you should enjoy a beer tasting in this city!

  1. First of all, If you want to start a beer tasting in Bogotá, keep in mind that this is a casual plan that you can do with your friends or by yourself. Sure, you can invite those friends with beer bellies or just try to meet native people and talk about beers or the weather. For tourists, this is an excellent option because you can visit new places and enjoy the afternoons and nights in Bogotá. And remember, don’t be afraid to ask people about the name of the beer you (or they) are drinking.
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2. Bogotá has a good selection of industrial brands. For example, if you want to start going down that road, you may choose some local favorites such as; “Poker,” “Pilsen,” “Águila,” or “Club Colombia.” These beers have an important meaning in our country and, by the way, they taste much better if you are watching soccer. Happy hour with just beers!

3. Our local craft beer market has been growing.  Right now, our craft breweries are an excellent example of the industry in Latin America, attracting many tourists every year for the variety and the quality of their products. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about new ingredients and listen to the stories behind a beer.  My recommendation is to try my favorite: Bogotá Beer Company’s Cajicá Honey Ale.

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4. You can have a beer tasting with good food. Many bars or pubs do not just sell beer, but also a complete menu with fast food, snacks, meats, and sharers. I believe that chicken wings, tapas, nachos, french fries, or a pizza are a great match with beers. If you are the kind of person that thinks like that, don’t forget to ask what is the best food to go with your beer!.

5. We have good prices. You can find single beers for about  $ 2 USD ($6,000 COP) or a pitcher for about $15 USD ($43,500 COP) in nice places, with wonderful menus, excellent attention and service, and live music (sometimes). So if you are thinking about doing this, please check out these places below.

Say cheers in these places!

El Sindicato (The Trade Union)

Perhaps drinking a beer in a cozy place would be the best option for you! If that sounds good, I would recommend for you to visit “El Sindicato” (The Trade Union). This place is named like this as it is a union of some little local craft breweries.  And let me tell you something, this spot has an interesting style because it is a bar, but at the same time looks like a minimarket. “El Sindicato” offers more than 70 different kinds. Oh my gosh! So many beers and you must try at least one of them. My recommendation:  Tres Guerrero (Three Warriors).

  • Address:   Zona T. Carrera 13 #84-28.
  • Click here to find El Sindicato

Bogotá Beer Company

I am the kind of person that I believe 100 % in the classic style. For that, I recommend all tourists and locals to visit a BBC (Bogotá Beer Company) spot because it is a classic in the capital of Colombia.  They have a good selection of their own beers with great names that are going to remind you of where you are, such as Cajicá Honey Ale.

Click here to find a Bogotá Beer Company at 93 Park and here to find a one at 83 street.

Dos Carreras (Two Races)

If you are in Chapinero, please do not forget to visit “Dos Carreras” (Two Races). This pub has an interesting menu of their own beers with a total of 9 beers that you can taste. This is also where they brew their beer!. Cheers!

Click here to find Dos Carreras.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and have the best time on your next beer tasting in Bogotá. Trust me, you are going to have such a good time here.  And please, remember if you are going to drink, don’t drive. If you want to read more articles like this or about local gastronomy or getting out of the city, keep reading our other articles.

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