The San Felipe Open in Bogotá is an art party you can’t miss!

San Felipe Open graffiti

We know how important art is to get to know a city and the San Felipe Open in Bogotá is a great way to do it by sharing deeply intercultural experiences. The event gathers all the galleries, cafes, and the local community. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to know the artistic side of Bogotá.

Once again, this year in Bogotá, the fourth edition of the San Felipe Open is celebrated. An event in which the artistic district of the city opens its doors for the community to enjoy a party around the arts. Everyone is welcome to see the great variety of exhibitions of music, film, theater, literature, and gastronomy.

Basics of San Felipe Open

San Felipe Open has decided to celebrate the Bogotá art party for two days, starting the party on September 20 at 11 a.m. and culminating on September 21 at 11 p.m. Almost a day and a half of pure fun, where everyone will be able to enjoy diverse art forms in which the galleries display their artistic advances and their independence, showing the diversity of artistic proposals that  Bogotá and Colombia have to offer.

San Felipe neighborhood is located between Calle 72 and Calle 80, and between Avenida Caracas and Carrera 24, located in a central area of the city with easy access. To get to the neighborhood from public transportation, you only have to reach the Transmilenio station on Calle 76 and walk to the west; in less than 5 minutes, you will be able to get there. On the other hand, if you want to go by car, there are a lot of parking lots; the closest is located in the neighborhood Unilago on Carrera 15 from Calle 72 to Calle 80. However, in the neighborhood, there are other places where you can park without a problem, although arriving by bike to the Bogota art party is a good option for those who like to take a walk and do sports as there will be special places to park bicycles.

San Felipe neighborhood is still a traditional Bogotá neighborhood where it is common to find bakeries, shops, and traditional houses from the early twentieth century. The church and the park are places where the community is buzzing every day, as in many other Bogotá neighborhoods. However, in San Felipe, something happens that differentiates it from others: here the traditional spaces of the city life with avant-garde art exhibitions and alternative cuisine, generating a place that the community lives in harmony with their artistic spaces. And so, a visitor will be able to learn about two facets of Bogotá: the traditional customs and the artistic innovations the city offers.


Gallery of San Felipe Open
© Photograph by Juan Manuel Gómez García

Since 2013, several artists have developed their artistic activities in San Felipe with the aim of building spaces in which reflection and artistic experience are in contact with the people and not only with experts. Some of these galleries are: Plural nodo cultural, Grey Cube projects, FLORA ars natura, Sketch, Liberia, 12:00 Gallery, Beta Gallery, Jacob Karpio Gallery, and Rincón. These are some of the many galleries you can find at the Bogotá art party of the San Felipe Open. 

San Felipes House

Casa San Felipe
© Photograph by Juan Manuel Gómez García

One of my favorite places in the artistic district of Bogota is Casa San Felipe, located at Calle 72 #22-44, and where I always go when I visit the neighborhood. Here, you can find a quiet place where you can drink a good coffee at Coffee Lovers and taste very high-quality coffees from all over Colombia made with various methods of preparation for the curious. In El séptimo parche, you can have a beer with a freshly made pizza while attending its many screening events. It is a space for conversation, discussion, and knowledge of films. You can also have a Kombucha in Qi CH´I Kombucha, a drink made of tea, sugar, and Scoby mushroom, producing a refreshing taste that’s antioxidant, probiotic and delicious. In Casa San Felipe (San Felipe´s house), you can also visit Ima Barraza Owen’s studio, which is a must-see due to its outstanding plastic work on the concept of femininity; Carolina Rodríguez Romero’s drawings that seek to generate a language to better understand childhood in our current society from her colorful brush strokes; Juana Gaviria’s art and design proposal; Marcela Acevedo’s art and fashion work in Atelier fashion; and the Ecke space, where you can find a great variety of books. 

With more than 60 spaces dedicated to art and a large number of innovative proposals, San Felipe, the artistic district of Bogotá, is a place not to be missed if you live, visit, and wish to get a feel for the city. This 20th and 21st of September I recommend everyone to get to know this oasis in such a chaotically beautiful city as Bogotá. 

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