Enjoy a coffee and a good book in these Bookstores in Bogotá

Man in bookstore

Nowadays, most people have forgotten the value of reading, as entertainment has moved in other directions; more precisely towards movies and internet shows. However, for those of us that still enjoy the tremendous pleasure of a good book, there are still very lovely places in Bogotá to sit down, read, and find new books for our personal libraries. Here are a couple of independent bookstores in Bogotá where you can find your next favorite book!

Reading is one of the best hobbies to have. You can learn new things, read about great people, get lost in new worlds and at different times, and it’s also a fantastic intellectual exercise. Sadly, not many people enjoy reading anymore, as it has become more common to watch TV or movies. For those of us that like to keep it old-school and experience the peace that comes when opening a new book, here are four bookstores in Bogotá where searching and finding a book is truly something to enjoy. 

Bookworm Bookstore

Inside Bookworm's bookstore
© Photograph by Revista Arcadia

Inside the coffee shop, Doméstica, there is a little bookstore with a wide selection of books in English called Bookworm Bookstore. There is no better place in Bogotá for finding books written originally in English, as most bookstores have (for the most part) volumes translated in Spanish. It’s a very cozy library, where you can read and look through books and have a bite in the Coffee House with which it shares the premises.

A little tip: you can also find my very own book Productive People at this bookstore, so make sure you look it up and let me know what you think of it! In it, I share habits and strategies, which I’ve found extremely helpful when it comes to managing time and increasing productivity (something that we can always improve upon)!


Book shelfs
© Photograph by https://www.tornamesa.co/especial/quienes-somos

Tornamesa is a very large bookstore, located at Calle 70 and Carrera 5, a very nice place in the city. You can find books both in Spanish and in English, and also things like CDs, comic books, and a variety of wine and coffee. They also host events regularly, so make sure to take a look at their homepage to find out when they are happening. It’s a place where you can spend quite some time due to the wide array of products that they offer, so visit it with time to spare!

Casa Tomada Libros y Café

Indoors bookstore
© Photograph by http://revistadc.com/cultura/literatura/casa-tomada-donde-pasa-el-tiempo-lento

Stacked with books up to the ceiling, Casa Tomada is a bookstore that looks like it’s out of a fantasy, with its antique look and its books on virtually any subject imaginable. It’s a place to get lost in, to spend a whole day investigating and reading the words contained in the volumes. You can find books both in Spanish and in English, and as I’ve said already, books on practically anything you can think about. Casa Tomada is located here in a neighborhood called Palermo. They also host reading clubs and various events. You can learn more about them on their website.

Wilborada 1047

Entrance Wilborda in Bogotá
© Photograph by https://www.wilborada1047.com/nosotros

Wilborada 1047 will transport you directly to England, from its outer façade to the whole inner design. Its European style really stands out in Bogotá, and it’s a perfect place to relax, have a cup of coffee, and read a good book. It has texts in English and in Spanish, and due to its relatively central location, it’s a great place to go and stay for a while. I highly recommend it to you, not only for the books themselves but also for the architecture and environment of the place. 

A quick tip: in all these bookstores, you’ll find books ranging between $30.000 COP and $70.000 COP ($10 USD and $24 USD), so bring enough cash with you!

These are some of my favorite bookstores in Bogotá, and if you enjoy reading and getting lost in the world of books you should definitely visit all of the venues listed above or check our other related articles

Also, remember to check out our homepage for more information about Bogotá and Colombia, and share this article with your friends if you liked it or found it helpful! 

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