Art classes in Bogotá: an experience of social immersion

Art classes in Bogotá

Generally, due to its specialized language and concentration within specific social circles, art has become an exclusive activity that only a few gifted people are entitled to do. Or at least, that is a general belief. However, from my perspective, art and creativity are inherent to the human condition and encompass a wide range of forms of expression that anyone can participate in. That same conception is exemplified by the work of Jessica, an amazing woman who teaches art classes in Bogotá to anyone who wants to learn. She invites people into this amazing world and explores the inside of it, full of wonders while getting to know the cultural context of the city. 

The teacher

Jessica, or Fadaises Art as she is known, is what you would call a true teacher and artist all the way through to her soul. When you speak with her about painting, it is easy to find yourself immersed in a world of possibilities: everything seems easy to achieve, even if it is a masterpiece, and everything is possible. Jessica, licensed in art education, is a woman passionate about art, literature, and education. Born in Bogotá, she enjoys the cultural and artistic spaces of the city and strongly recommends that every visitor takes a look at all the museums and cultural venues the city has to offer. 

Jessica has taught people from every age range and she teaches painting because she is passionate about it. For her, painting is an act of self-knowledge and immersion in an inner world; it’s an opportunity to explore every inner corner of oneself through contemplation and color. Painting is a complete experience. In addition, she intends to reduce the distance between art and people, especially those who see it only as a spectacle, to show them that it can be an everyday thing and how, with the proper tools, one can learn to enjoy artistic languages with freedom. 

Art classes in Bogotá
© Photograph by Fadaisesart

A complete experience

The classes take place in locations in Chapinero and La Candelaria or in any space that welcomes art. A class usually starts with the introduction of the artist and the painting that will be replicated during the class, as well as the context involved in such a work, the materials, and the proper way to use them. After that, attendees will learn how to paint the picture step-by-step, from the biggest to the smallest element. This is a pedagogic model used for decades in workshops in Europe and North America.

Students will also be able to paint and get to know Latin American and Colombian painters and understand the national context of the techniques. Artists such as Debora Arango, Lucy Tejada, and Jacanamijoy are central themes of the classes that depict the cultural heritage of the country via art. 

The classes include a traditional beverage or meal, materials, and the canvas which you can take home for an affordable price of 15 to 20 USD approx. These classes are designed for people without artistic experience and who speak any language, since they are classes based on techniques and sensory experiences. You can enjoy the class, learn, and get to know other people while making and taking home a piece of art with the satisfaction of having made it yourself.

This kind of experience, this unique art classes in Bogotá, not only involves you completely in the artistic process but also serves as an immersive experience to help visitors create new works and understand, on a deeper level, that art is for everyone and everybody can be an artist.

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